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The Power of a Network

Networking…it is critical to the success of many businesses. Numerous companies have become global juggernauts just by being a networking platform (Ref. LinkedIn, Facebook.) “Social Media” is built on connecting people in one way or another. However, nothing replaces person to person interaction. Recently, the Canadian Association of Farm Advisors (CAFA) hosted a conference in Regina. It […]


It has been said that whoever enters the room with the greatest intentionality will win. While I disagree emphatically with any win-lose proposition in business, the heart of the message shines through: intention wins the day! What type of growth has your business experienced over the last 5 years? Was it intentional, or did it […]


Where are you looking? As an entrepreneur, there are numerous issues clamoring for your attention. Which ones get your time and focus? If your business is a vehicle hurtling down the highway, where are you sitting in the vehicle and where are you looking? Driver’s Seat The now defunct automaker, Pontiac, once used the tag […]


This shouldn’t be here. It shouldn’t have gotten done. But the thought of missing a Tuesday for the first time in 172 consecutive Tuesdays has me doing something I probably shouldn’t be doing. I should still be in bed. I’m very weak. Actually, I should be in Boston to attend a conference I’ve been looking […]